About us

Petra Tungården, founder of ADOORE

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ADOORE was founded in 2017 by fashion entrepreneur Petra Tungården. After a solid experience as editor-in-chief of fashion magazines and a long career as a stylist, Petra felt she missed a brand that was fully focused on garments with the female silhouette in focus. She then decided to pursue her dream of designing clothes with the most flattering fit.

By women, For women

Our clothes are designed by women, for women. ADOORE is dedicated to empowering women through clothing that fits perfectly and celebrates their unique beauty. Each dress has details that make your body shine and that brings out the best of you. The mission is to create clothes that celebrate all different body types -that will let individuality shine.

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Great fit never goes out of style

Wardrobe heroes

We believe in a wardrobe made of reliable, beautiful clothing you can wear year after year. Our brand was founded on the concept that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. We believe that flattering fit is what makes a great wardrobe hero, those pieces that you always come back to and know you will feel your absolute best in. As we use to say - great fit never goes out of style.

Handmade prints

ADOORE is celebrated for its colorful handmade prints. Created in-house, our own unique prints are a celebration of craftsmanship and great design.

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