About us

ADOORE is a Swedish fashion brand that aims to create wardrobe heroes that celebrate the female body. With great fit as the core brand value, the aim is to design those eye-catching garments that women always feel like the best version of themselves in.

ADOORE was founded in 2017 by fashion entrepreneur Petra Tungården. After a solid experience as editor-in-chief of fashion magazines and a long career as a stylist, Petra realized she missed a brand that was fully focused on garments with the female silhouette in focus. She then decided to pursue her dream of designing clothes with the most flattering fit. The woman she designs for loves a great fit, but also likes to feel comfortable. She has a big sense of humor and is proud of who she is. 

ADOORE is celebrated for its female form, colorful prints and flattering shapes. Pieces that bring out the best of you. Each dress has detailing that makes your body shine. The mission is to create clothes that celebrate all different body types -that will let individuality shine.


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